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The day-to-day of cancer

April 16, 2021

Yesterday I had labs done to check on a trend with my cancer marker CA 27 29. I had a big spike from February to March. Cancer markers are informative, but not definitive – if that makes sense. Higher numbers don’t necessarily mean more cancer, but they are a piece of the puzzle. I’ll see Dr. Z on Monday and he wanted us to have the information beforehand.

I have hesitated to share this because part of me feels like “aren’t we all tired of cancer updates already?” Then I realize I’m projecting my feelings onto all of you, and that isn’t fair. I also remember that I’m committed to sharing what I’m going through. AND it has made me think more of my people with chronic illness and realize I need to keep checking on and praying for them.

I had a fellow #MBC lady share recently that her people couldn’t understand why she wasn’t excited about a stable scan. She said she was too tired to be excited, and we (other BC ladies) all understood. Sometimes it’s hard to get excited over one thing when you’re worn down from the day-to-day battles of cancer.

So I guess I share this also to remind us all that there’s a lot going on in between the big moments – the scans, the surgeries. There are labs and treatments, the constant analyzation of every pain, the pills to take, the worries to squelch. This isn’t to ask for pity – no person with illness wants that – but to help us all understand and care for each other better.

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  1. Chrysty Beverley Fortner permalink
    April 17, 2021 09:23

    Thank you for sharing. Truly. So many of us are impacted by cancer,but few of us have any idea what the journey is like. You remain on my prayer wall.

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