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More cancer: Part 1

February 12, 2021

<Note from Grace: I will be sharing relevant social media posts onto my blog for anyone who is interested in my life but is not on social media. It will take some time to go back and add my updates from the last few months, so bear with me. If the order of things seems strange, that is why.>

It’s been a month since I got the call from the pulmonologist telling me that the samples they took during the bronchoscopy showed breast cancer. It’s taken me a long time to process this news. Longer than any other news I’ve ever received. And since I’ve been processing this for a month, there’s a lot to share, so I’m going to break it up in pieces.

First, though, I have to say that within 2.5 hours of receiving that shock-inducing phone call, I was talking to Dr. Z who was telling us he had plans A through D ready, but believed Plan A would have me back in remission. I have now been on Plan A (#Ibrance and #Faslodex) for a month, and am doing well. I’ll share more about those later.

Sharing bad news with people is like the icing on the misery cake when it comes to things like this. I’ve told a lot of you personally, but it’s hard to see people’s faces fall. To see you feel the disappointment and sadness I feel. I considered just not sharing publicly, but that isn’t me. One of the small goods in bad situations is the ability to walk alongside others who are in the same situation, and if I withhold my story, it’s harder to do that.

So here I am. BUT, I have some rules 1. No pity 2. No stories about people who have died of breast cancer 3. No changing how you engage with me. I’m still me and I still want to hear about your bad day or your broken fingernail.

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