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Home again, home again

April 7, 2018

We are back home now. I’ve been awake since around 7 and haven’t had any major pain. I’m taking motrin/ibuprofin and tramadol. I had some discomfort when I was coming to yesterday, but we were able to manage it pretty quickly.

I don’t remember much from the day, but surgery went well. All my hospital duds were lavender or purple. They must’ve known that I was coming 🙂 They made me wear a silly hair net that kept sticking to my hair like velcro. The worst part was when they couldn’t get my IV to thread on the first try and had to stick me again. I don’t have the best veins, though, so it happens.

I was surprised to see a crucifix in each room and then realized the hospital was St. Joseph’s. I’m not into those, but I did appreciate the prayer they said over the loudspeaker last night and this morning.

Jonathan, my mom and my sister Christine were there while it was going on. I’ve been told she took 5 lymph nodes and only one of them seemed a little weird. It went really fast – just over an hour. We didn’t get in there until well after 1pm and I don’t remember much before 5pm.

I have a stretchy tube top on with padding protecting my incision. I looked inside of it last evening and though it is scary looking, it didn’t make my stomach turn. I have said several times that I can’t believe I only have one breast. It’s so weird to be completely flat on one side. I don’t it won’t always be that way, but it is pretty startling.

The nurses were really good about timing my checkups throughout the night so we only got woken up twice. I have two drains in that are disgusting and as my surgeon said, they may be the worst part of this whole thing. I haven’t actually seen where they got into my body, but they are on the side somewhere. They have long tubes so I can carry them around.

We FaceTimed with the girls last night, though most of them couldn’t be bothered to talk to us. Then we had a couple from church stop to bring Jonathan some food, me a couple presents and visit for a little while. It was a really nice way to spend the evening. Like a normal social evening instead of a night in the hospital.

(A side note: I always feel uncomfortable naming people and gifts because there are too many to recognize and I never want to feel like one is more important or meaningful than another. I have received so many acts of love and kindness lately and have been flooded with messages throughout the last week, texts, calls, notes. I’m sure I won’t even be able respond to most of them, but they are all so dear to me.)

Speaking of kindness we’ve received, the girls have been distributed and redistributed since yesterday and are all having a wonderful time. As much as I love them and miss their faces, I can’t imagine them being here in the house right now.

I’m probably going eat and maybe take a nap now. I’ll leave you with a picture of Jonathan and me as we left the hospital today. Over the years, we’ve spent several nights in the hospital together, but this is the first time we didn’t share the room with newborn and the first time we’ve left with less than we came with 😛

My prayer for the coming days is for peace as we await the pathology reports, good reports, and emotional stability.

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  1. Barbara Harris permalink
    April 7, 2018 16:00

    So many prayers. ❤️

  2. Adrian and Naomi Harris permalink
    April 7, 2018 20:17

    grace – you may not have heard much from us – but you certainly have been in our thoughts and prayers all through your experience

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