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Just write something already

October 6, 2017

Over the last couple months (and years), I keep hearing and thinking “you need to write.” Problem is, I rarely have head space for anything more than the necessary. So here I am, almost two months into breast cancer, and other than the odd Instagram post, I haven’t written anything. And since I don’t know where to begin, I’m going to begin with those posts. This one is from August 27, 2017 – about two weeks after we found out.

This is real life – imperfect, off balance and lumpy. We found out recently that I have breast cancer. One of the hardest parts has been telling people, but since I operate from a place of “I would want to know if it were you,” I want others to know. And lest anyone panic, it seems that everything is as good as can be while still being cancer – early stages, no lymph nodes, etc… Over the last days of tests and appointments, we have felt so loved and cared for. I’m scheduled to have a lumpectomy on Friday, and then from there we will figure out treatment. I don’t know what the future holds, but my current prayer is to live in the present, one day at a time, and to look for Jesus in the chaos. #breastcancer

I had a lot of enthusiasm when I started our garden this summer. A bathroom renovation got in the way, school started and then with cancer, it has been all but abandoned. These cantaloupe somehow managed to come out of it.

I had been struggling to figure out how to make this public, which is really strange for me since I’m a very out-in-the-open person, but when I found these growing alongside the house, it seemed perfect.

The fruit we see in grocery stores in all its uniform perfection is the exception. Just as flawless people and flawless lives are (they are more likely fake than the exception.) When we are going through hard times, it always helps me to know that everyone goes through them. No person or family is exempt. It is part of living in a broken world.

And the good news is, lumpy cantaloupe taste just as good, if not better, than the perfect ones.

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  1. Jonathan Lewis permalink
    October 6, 2017 18:59

    I love this Grace! You’re such a blessing to our family. I love you and the confidence you shine forth.

  2. Adrian & Naomi Harris permalink
    October 6, 2017 20:04

    thanx grace for all you did on Saturday for jillian and Jason – and for naomi and me…


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