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Nervous about nature in Nam

November 19, 2010

Kari and I are going on an adventure today. Some Vietnamese people she has become friends with have invited her, and thereby me, to go away for the day and night. I’ve been told something about a relaxing day in nature on an island in a lake about thirty minutes from here.

We’ve been receiving our instructions in bits and pieces. First we were riding there on motorbikes. For some reason that idea got scratched. All I’ve been told is to bring a swimming suit, a small flashlight, a sheet or blanket (they provide a mattress,) and a sweatshirt or jacket for the cool evening.

I’m wondering if it’s really cool at night there or if it’s Vietnamese cool. I have a hard time believing that anywhere, besides Dalat, within a 100km radius of Saigon can be cool at night. It’s already 84F at 10:45 in the morning on November 20.

We are also supposed to bring our own water. I am not packing any makeup, shampoo, or conditioner. I have my toothbrush, a bar of soap, and my contact case. If there are cockroaches inside the shower curtains, like we saw in Con Dao, I’ll just be smelly.

Our first out of town guests arrived yesterday afternoon. The Trivett brothers, one coming from Dubai, and the other coming from San Francisco with their father, are here to visit for a few days before we head to Thailand. They were promptly greeted by one of Saigon’s finest thunderstorms, which last most of the afternoon.

We had an early supper at a Vietnamese restaurant called Lemongrass, which was selected partially because of recommendations, and partially due to its close proximity to the hotel. We were able to make it there without getting drenched and only stepped in a few deep puddles. I ordered a clay pot fish, and enjoyed it in spite of being told it was catfish. I’ve seen what they have to scavenge from around here, and it is not appealing.

After lunch, we had to figure out how to keep Mark and his dad, who had been traveling for 36 hours, awake until a reasonable time. The rain cut narrowed our options down to a trip to a spa. We all got our nails done (no paint for the men of course) and foot or shoulder massages.

Now Jonathan is at work, they are off being tourists, and I’m off to see what a Vietnamese nature weekend is like…

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  1. Charity permalink
    November 30, 2010 00:02

    Good for them… real men can handle a pedicure. 😉 So was the nature weekend fun?

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