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Making like a bird and heading south

September 27, 2010

It’s time to head south. We are repacking our bags and will leave our lovely home of the last 19 days to go to a new hotel home in Saigon. It’s sad to leave half of our group up here in Hanoi, but I’m excited to see a new city and to be one step closer to settling into a place of our own. We’ll be staying in one hotel for the first five days, and then moving to our regularly scheduled hotel. I guess it’s full right now. I’m not looking forward to unpacking and repacking over and over, but with a new hotel at least there’s hope for a softer bed and stronger water pressure in the shower. I think drawers or shelves would be too much to hope for until we get an apartment.

Yesterday we played tourist here in Hanoi visiting the Temple of Literature and the Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo Prison.) I’ll have to tell about it when I have more time.

For now, we’re curious to see how it will work to get all of our bags onto our own plane. No one seems to know whether we have to go through security or check our bags. We aren’t ticketed passengers – just riding along as one of our captains does his proving run between here and Saigon. Jonathan will do his tomorrow to Con Son Island (part of Con Dao Islands.) It’s 125 miles due south of Saigon, and is the island with beaches at both ends of the runway.

We’re ready for the next leg of our adventure. I’ll update on Saigon as soon I can.

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