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The ultimate freedom leg

September 1, 2010

The changes continue this week as we moved out of the apartment and I am about to do my last trip as a flight attendant (I had to quit since I couldn’t get a leave of absence.) Both are welcome changes, though without a bit of nostalgia.

We dropped two huge and two regular duffel bags full of clothes, books, and shoes at the Roberts’ residence yesterday afternoon. We are now officially homeless. It’s kind of fun. I was ready to move out of that place. The apartment was ridiculously dusty (in spite of dusting and vacuuming) so living there sometimes felt like living with my head inside of a pillow. I was also getting tired of sharing the one un-packed bowl with Jonathan. Makes eating together very difficult, and having company impossible (or we would just make them starve – sorry Jamie.)

Yesterday I did a round trip to Moline, IL and then came back for the overnight. Coming out here for my last trip is good and bad. I have been tired of this job for a while. Tired of apologizing for things that aren’t my fault – wind, rain (I’m not God), maintenance, ATC delays. Tired of not having control over my life. Tired of having to choose between work and Jonathan, my family, and friends. But flying out to the midwest reminded of the thing that I have always enjoyed about the job – serving genuinely nice people who are pleasant and appreciative. I flew 1900 miles yesterday without a single negative word. I even got a “job well done” certificate. Flying with a great crew and being early all day does cut down on the negativity, but the people out here are just nice.

Now, as I wait to go to the airport and head home, I am trying to navigate the world of purchased airline tickets. I’m hoping someone at Korean Air will have mercy on me and switch my flight so I can spend the 13hr flight from SFO-ICN with Jonathan instead of by myself on a different plane. We’ll see.

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