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On top of bro-ccoli, all covered with snow…

January 20, 2010

Recently I learned from Jonathan that you can microwave broccoli in a bowl with a little water, pour some olive oil and sea salt on it and you have a divine bit of food. It seems most people like to cook broccoli into a soggy, forest green, bit of hideousness. I was pleased to discover just a few minutes would bring that bright shade of green and perfect bite-ability that I enjoy in broccoli. I ate an entire head of it. My fingers are evidently not as skilled on the microwave keypad, or maybe I was just too impatient, so Jonathan remains the king of broccoli microwaving.

I finished a two-day trip tonight. It was easy. An Omaha overnight sandwiched in between two round trips to Ohio. Omaha has evidently had the misfortune of two blizzards in the last few weeks. There was a car in the parking lot that has been covered in snow for the last week. There were piles of snow as high as a house. Thankfully, unlike Wichita last week, the snow is still white and pretty. It was actually still falling. I thought of my younger siblings who have never seen that much snow.

This whole month I’ve been flying with flight attendants with are my friends. It’s made a huge difference in my feelings about going to work. It’s nice not to worry about being stuck in a metal tube with angry, lazy, bossy, rude, loud… You get it. Last night my fellow flight attendant and I had a pajama party complete with boxes of wine, chocolate, and a chick flick. “27 Dresses” had me reminiscing about some of the delightful weddings I’ve had the privilege of being in… We didn’t have time to paint our nails.

I had great plans for the evening (after I got home at 9:30.) The dishwasher needs unloading. The dishwasher needs loading. I need to take the trash out. And, all my work shirts, undershirts, and socks are dirty. But, so far I’ve eaten random things, been made extremely uncomfortable by Michael Scott on The Office, chatted with Christine in HK, and drank some wine. There’s always the morning, right?

I finished Pride and Prejudice. It was great. I want to watch the movie now.

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