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I’m annoyed

January 13, 2010

The music in the Houston Airport reminds me of what they play before funerals. The tinny organ sound. The uninteresting melody. Where is the body?

Today is day four of six. I did it to myself. I think just knowing I get off work at 9pm and have to be back before 8am is filling me with a sense of annoyance. I was annoyed at the long dark hairs that were in my bed last night. Annoyed that the captain made us leave the hotel so early this morning that we’ve been at the airport now for almost an hour and the plane still isn’t even here. I ordered a sausage biscuit which, according to the sign, included egg. When I got the biscuit all it was was a piece of sausage on a biscuit. I went back and the guy said – you ordered a sausage biscuit. Yeah, but I thought the freaking egg came with it since the sign says it does. As I’m eating my biscuit I see a couple walk past. I think they might be cast members on Jersey Shore, which I have never watched, but I know the type. She is wearing a tshirt, oversize baseball cap, black aviators (inside a building at 10am), white sweatpants and black uggs. I’m so annoyed already that I want to go tell her to take her aviators off and look in the mirror because they must be obscuring her vision and making her think she looks good.

Our plane is here so I’m going to go put on my happy face and go to work. I’m sure it’s going to be a fabulous day 🙂

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  1. January 13, 2010 18:49

    If your being annoyed is impetus to blog posting, we should look forward to a prolific year here at SDFM.

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