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Caffeine, pasta, and pelicans

October 23, 2009

One of the beautiful things about having a barista who is also your brother (or is it a brother who is also a barista?) is waking up to the biggest Starbucks iced espresso you’ve ever had. My veins are tingling and my feet are twitching. What a way to start the day.

And as I type (still lounging on my bed) he comes back upstairs with two bowls of cereal, peanut butter apples, and orange juice… What a host.

Yesterday I walked 2.5 miles (possibly more since I had to backtrack thanks to a huge fence) to pick up a rental car. Peter and I usually slum it on public transportation, but figured for $13/day we could take a trip off the trolley path. Then I drove to downtown SD to pick him and his friend Francesco from class. I have never driven a car in San Diego. Neither of them have either. It was like the blind leading the blind. Peter gave me a street name which I would then find only to have him tell me he was wrong and did I see a big building – or were they condos – and a store on my right or left. Eventually I found them standing on a street corner (hmmm) and we went to lunch. I had a California burrito (complete with french fries) nearly the size of my head. Peter had to go back to school to work on a project so I went back to his house to sit on the back deck, watch airplanes, listen to the traffic, give myself a pedicure, and enjoy the sunshine.

Later I picked him up again and we drove to Shelter Island. It’s really a peninsula with a lot of pelicans on it. Small fishing boats were coming and going and we’d watch as the pelicans spotted the boats they knew dropped stuff for them and they’d swarm around the boat. There was also a sea lion who barked and flipped around and seemed to rule the area. We discussed how humans seem to be the only species where the female is more attractive, which then led to a discussion about male/female roles in relationships (all the while breathing through our mouths to avoid the stench of a place inhabited by birds.)

Then it was off to get groceries. We debated the merits of giving your product the most unappealing name possible (Flax-Plus). Do people feel like they’re eating something healthy if it sounds gross? At home we listened to more music and made spaghetti with pesto, Italian sausage, and tomatoes. It was tasty and I ate too much. We were both tired from either getting up early being from a different time zone, or just being so fabulous.

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