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Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

October 19, 2009

This is the last night of just Trish and me hanging out at our apartment. We’re both pretending it isn’t though. It’s sad. I have to work tomorrow night, leave for San Diego on Wednesday, and when I come home my new roommate will have moved in. Now “All By Myself” is playing (following “Ain’t No Sunshine.”) It’s like they have a sad and lonely option for the random button. It’s kind of fitting for a roommate leaving night.

This morning I was off work before the sun came up. I flew in from Chattanooga and our flight landed at 6:43 am. One of the unexpected bonuses of being a flight attendant is that I experience moods and times of living I would never see otherwise. I come to work and go home at all times of day and night. Sometimes I go with traffic. Sometimes I’m against it. Sometimes the roads are empty. Some people say good morning. Others say good night. I’ve probably seen more sunrises since becoming a flight attendant than the rest of my life combined. I like it.

After work I went to the foot doctor and found out that the pain in my foot is, in fact, the pin in my foot wiggling out of the bone. He said 99% of the time this does not happen. With that kind of luck maybe I should play the lottery tonight. I’ll probably have the surgery in November. He said it should be minor. Seems like the only recovery will be the cut from where he has to take it out. Just what I wanted to do with my time. I’m wondering if his surgeries are by one get one free.

This afternoon I ran on Peachtree Street. I love running there because it’s busy enough to distract me from the pain of running. The weather was perfect for running. It was just cold enough to subtract heat from the list of things deterring me from running, but not so cold that my throat hurt when I breathe. I even ran farther than I originally planned. It felt good.

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