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Sunday morning minutes

September 6, 2009

Days like today make me wish I was a morning person. I got up in time to eat breakfast, get online, floss my teeth, and be on time to the early service at Buckhead Church. There’s a lot less church traffic that time of day (even though I still feel like a little mouse in the big maze of that church and its garages and walkways). Now I’m at home, drinking coffee, paying the last of my bills for the month (the stupid kind that involves writing a check and mailing it), and waiting for J to get released so I can pick him up and drive to the homestead. This is usually the time I’m rolling into church (late) and I’ve already done so much today.

I heard the last message in the series “Losing Your Religion”. I feel like it’s pretty appropriate for where I am in my life. It presents Christianity in a way that separates it from religion. It seems most people I know (myself included) have already had religion and realized it doesn’t free you from the law and your guilt, or they have chosen to reject religion because it doesn’t get you anywhere. Without going through the whole series, it explains why we don’t need religion – we need a Savior. It’s a very interesting and powerful series.

The last few days have been restful and productive. I was able to cross a lot of things off my to do lists. I’m realizing that the longer things stay on my list the more of a burden they become. A small chore left on there for a month becomes a Goliath to me simply by its perpetual presence. I mended a lot of clothes that I’ve had piled in my closet while watching “The Sound of Music” last night. It’s amazing the sense of accomplishment I get by running a needle and thread through some fabric and knowing I’ve fixed something.

I’ve also been having a mini pre-midlife midlife crisis. It’s been good for me to assess where I am and where I want to be. Right now I want to be at my parents’ house with my local family and hopefully J.

I’m thankful that God’s love for me is unfair.

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