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happy nose

August 10, 2009

Today I went with Christine and Scott to their plot in the community garden to get some food for supper. They have a beautiful and tasty looking garden. I was bending down trying to reach some hidden tomatoes and got a whiff of one of the most delightful smell combinations that my nose has encountered – basil and tomato plants. I’ve always known I like the smell of tomato plants. It takes me back to my youth when we had gardens and I could eat cherry tomatoes that were still warm from the sun. Not only do I love the smell for the smell’s sake, I love it for memory’s sake. Basil is becoming a new favorite herb. I have successfully grown it in my window this summer and am learning to add it to everything. I love how it smells and tastes. We came home and Christine made pesto and I mostly made (under her instruction) a marinara type tomato sauce.

I’ve been in CA since Tuesday. J and I came out to celebrate his mother’s birthday and visit our families. His family was supposed to spend the weekend on a houseboat but the boat wouldn’t go into reverse so we went to Lake Tahoe instead. I’m always a fan of seeing more of the country, and Lake Tahoe is no disappointment. The water was too cold for me but the mountains and lake are stunning.

I’m learning how to forget about work. I feel like I’ve forgotten about the rest of life in the process, but now that I have better cell phone coverage I’ll work on getting back in the loop. June and July were long hard months work-wise. I’m glad they’re over. I need to remember not to do that to myself again.

For now I’m going to enjoy sleeping when I please, waking when I please, and drinking coffee with my loved ones every morning.

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