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What a slacker

March 6, 2009

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. I think because I’m not working I don’t have as much time on my own just to write and I don’t have as many stories to tell. I’m also studying for the GRE so that’s been taking up a lot of my sit at the computer time.

Last week I added a new state to my list of states visited, and I couldn’t have picked a more exciting one. J’s grandmother passed away the week before and he asked me to go to the funeral with him.

We flew into Sioux Falls, SD on Friday morning and it was zero degrees. The warmest it got all weekend was about eleven. I don’t understand why people live in places like that. Everything was covered in snow, but it wasn’t as deep as I would’ve expected. I think because it’s so flat the wind blows a lot of the snow away. Not sure. We drove out to see the family’s old homestead. Nearly everything, even the grass, was covered in ice making it quite a beautiful scene. In some places the golden gross is frozen in a blowing position. I wanted to take pictures, but it was too cold to be outside any longer than necessary.

It was great to meet more of his family. His grandmother was 92 when she passed away and, from the stories that were told, quite an amazing woman. She was still mowing her lawn (and sometimes her neighbor’s) last summer.

After spending our weekend in ice and snow we got a ride to the Omaha airport to fly home. We got there about 11:30 for a 1:15 flight. We ended up parking at the gate in Atlanta at 1:45 the next morning thanks to the blizzard that hit Atlanta on Sunday. It was a great day of surfing the internet and eating Kracky’s ridiculously overpriced fast food.

Since then I have signed my name to an apartment in Midtown. I’m excited that after being an Atlanta resident for most of 28 years I will finally have an Atlanta address. I’m also excited because I’ll have a real closet, and my own bathroom. I will miss the roommates, but I’m pretty sure my new roommate will be awesome. We go this afternoon to get the keys and then I get to start the lovely task of moving.

I’m going to study some more before I go do lots of boring adult errands.

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