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regaining mobility one crutch at a time

February 4, 2009

I’m amazing myself tonight. It’s past 9pm and I’m sitting up and awake. When J left I was actually standing up and could hug him properly. Last night I was passed out at 7:45 whether I liked it or not. The night before I slept through the entire Super Bowl party I went to, and then came home and slept all night. I’m also proud of myself because I’ve managed to take a bath every day since Sunday. It isn’t easy with the whole bag and tape wrapped leg hanging out the edge, but having dirty hair is worse so I suffer through it.

Every day since Sunday I’ve left the house at least once, and it’s getting easier each day. When we went out Sunday I almost threw up from motion sickness, and then slept the whole time I was out. Yesterday J decided to torture me by taking me to a shoe store. Later we met up with TanJoe for supper, and I barely remember any of it. It took all my energy just to get the food from the plate into my mouth. Conversation wasn’t even an option. Tanya did bring me the second crutch which has made a huge difference. Today we saw “The Tale of Despereaux” for fifty cents each at the theater in Fayetteville. Then we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee (maybe the reason I’m still awake).

It’s funny the way people feel so free to talk to you when you have crutches and/or a boot on your foot. Nearly every store I’ve been in someone has started telling me about their foot surgeries, broken ankles, hammer toes, broken shins, months on crutches – and I haven’t even been a gimp for a week. In Starbucks today a lady sitting across from me told me she had had two surgeries on her foot. She named the doctor that did her surgery. He isn’t mine, but he is the partner of mine. She sat there for a while knitting across from J and me. Then she told me I had the cutest hair cut. As she got up to leave she came over and said I had a contagious smile and asked J if he was going to marry me and that he should cause I was so pretty. I think she must’ve known that the sweatpants and mismatched shoes were getting to me and I needed a little pick me up. We made sure to remind her that looks weren’t everything and that he might marry me if I can stay clean for more than a month or two. Oh, and if we can get that whole homicide charge cleared away.

People are so much fun.

After that it was off to the grocery store where I was advised by the cashier that I needed to come up with a better story (surgery is evidently quite dull). By then I could feel my toes trying to swell out of their stupid wrappings and came home to some good, home cooked food.

What a busy day… 😀

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  1. February 5, 2009 19:48

    It seems that crutches and Mac books have replaced puppies and babies as conversation starters in public. You DO have a cute haircut though….

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