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Staring at the ceiling

February 1, 2009

I’m lying on the couch listening to davefm with my pops. He’s babysitting me this morning. I’m getting tired of lying down all the time. I got up earlier and sat in a chair at the table but it made me so tired and kind of light headed. I’ve backed off on the ice today and am sticking with keeping my foot elevated. I can actually feel my foot now. Sometimes I’d rather not.

There are probably very few things more boring than a play by play of how my foot is doing, but there really isn’t much going on in my life at this point. The highlight of my day so far was Peter’s 25 Things list on facebook. Started my day off with a laugh.

I had a weird dream last night. I was with a bunch of fancy people and we might have been doing a movie. Not sure. I knew the outcome – something was going to explode – and even though I wasn’t going to be hurt by it somehow I still didn’t want to do it so I made myself wake up. I feel like absinthe was involved, but am not sure how. I’m sure it’s the drugs that makes me dream such things.

I really want to take a shower/bath, but I have to save up more energy for it. Charity and Tanya came over yesterday and brought lots of books, movies, and goodies. I’m trying to figure out how much my mind can handle right now. Or maybe I’ll just go back to sleep for a while. It’s kind of amusing that I have to plan my day around a bath and a Super Bowl party. I can’t bathe too late or I won’t have any energy for the party. If I bathe too early I’ll get bead head again from lying around half the day. What a dilemma.

This is enough pointless drivel for now.

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