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Progress report

January 31, 2009

I’m not sure why, but I keep waking up really early. Maybe because I keep going to sleep early. The Percocet isn’t having the desired “knock me out every time I take it” effect, but when it gets close to the evening it starts to. I fell asleep mid-text last night.

When I woke up yesterday I could feel that my foot had started to swell – I guess from going so long without ice. I was also started to get feeling back from my heel up to my arch and it wasn’t good. The drugs and ice were helping with that until I decided I needed to bathe last night. I think all the activity – and the anesthesia continuing to wear off – made it hurt again. (Sitting in the bathtub with one foot hanging out the side isn’t as comfortable as it may sound.) When I went to sleep last night I could distinctively feel my second and third toes when they were touched, but nothing on the first one (can’t get to the others). I’ve managed to use the desk chair as a wheel chair which keep the weight off my foot (and keeps everyone around me amused).

All in all I’ve been doing very well. My mama is feeding me so well. Grits, eggs, and cheese for breakfast. Homemade minestrone soup and rolls for lunch. Southwest chili, cornbread, and salad for supper. If you’re ever going to be an invalid I highly recommend my parents’ house. Plus she’s good company (and my daddy when he’s home).

Jonathan came over in the afternoon to amuse me, though we mostly sat here on laptops next to each other. He babysits so my mom can go do her errands 🙂 My flowers are continuing to open up more and more every day. They’re roses, lilies, and astromelia all in shades of yellows, oranges, and some dark pinks here and there. Pretty much as close to an indoor sunset as you’ll ever see. He hung around until I started to drool on his shoulder ;-).

Tanya and Charity are coming to visit me today, and maybe Jersey later. I have to say, this is exactly what I needed. I do look forward to when bathing and going to the restroom aren’t such a mission and when my foot doesn’t have to be above my heart all the time, and I hope the pain stays under control, but all in all, life is good right now.

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