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Thanksgiving warm up

November 25, 2008

After a day of heartless weeding through all my clothes, I now have almost 50 empty hangers and three bags of clothes to get rid of. I decided I was tired of not being able to walk in my room and turned to the person I know who has the least stuff and begged him to help me get rid of mine. It was like having my own personal Stacey and Clinton. He told me what clothes were ugly, which ones didn’t fit right, which ones I was too old for, and which ones he just didn’t like. It was awesome. There were only a few we disagreed on, and the thrill of getting rid of clothes I never wore won over my sentimentality. I still have a lot to do in here, but huge progress was made.

I’m still dealing with this stupid cold. It’s been wonderful to be able to relax and give my body time to get some better. I have to work tomorrow, but it’s only a dayline so I’m pretty sure I can handle it.

We had House Thanksgiving on Saturday night. It was amazing except they called J to sit at the airport til 9:30pm, then sent him on a round trip so we thought he’d be back in time for dinner, then extended him to an overnight so he didn’t get to be there at all. Molly made a huge turkey. I helped her make a pumpkin and a pecan pie, candied yams, and the best stuffing ever invented. It has sausage, apples, celery, and bread chunks in it. And lots of sage. We both agreed stuffing isn’t stuffing without sage. I also made mashed potatoes. We had cosmo champagne cocktails that were delightful.

After we stuffed ourselves silly, Molly taught us the card game Hell. I’d like to blame my miserable loss on my food coma, but Molly is just really good. She also has the advantage of having played it since she was old enough to sit at a table. It’s a very fast paced game and involved a lot of yelling, screaming, and threats of physical harm. I believe this game is a prime example of how women are better multi-taskers than men. Most of the guys at the table would sit and stare at one card they were looking for a place for while the whole rest of the game was going on. Our stomachs finally settled enough to eat pie topped with Molly’s delicious homeade whipped cream.

I had leftovers for dinner last night and again for lunch and dinner today. I think we just finished off the last of the pie.

Yesterday was coffee with Jersey, church, then lunch with Tanya, J and the parents. After lunch J and I went to Jersey’s to play handypersons. I accomplished a grand total of nothing and J got her new tv going. (Okay, I did accomplish something, but it wasn’t the main thing I worked on for two hours. The blinds were too short and the screws were too long. Not my fault.)

Now I’m enjoying some house family time. I’m being encouraged to insert random profanity in here to see if someone notices. My roommate doesn’t realize how astute my readers are.

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