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chillin in Flinchigan

October 13, 2008

Some days it’s nice to be stuck in a hotel. There isn’t any mess to clean up. There aren’t any errands I’m supposed to run. Nothing I have to do. Plus there’s a king size bed and a tv in the room – two things I don’t have at home. If I said a king size bed in and a tv in a neat room, it’d be three things I don’t have at home. It feels good to be forced to be lazy.

This weekend was so busy, but so much fun. I think I tried to cram too much visiting in. Thursday after work I went to Michal’s volleyball game which they won. That was followed by pizza at Oz with Mama, J, and Michal. Friday I got my hair did, ran errands in Newnan, and had dinner in east Atlanta with my uncle, Israel, and J. We went to this really great Mexican place. It was all the goodness of Mexican, minus the grease and heaviness. Plus their mojitos were the best I’ve ever had. The next morning we picked Joy and her friend Elisa up in Marietta and brought her and all her joyful goodness home. I was there long enough to eat a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and Jersey texted me to say she had an extra ticket to the airshow. Now, if you know me, there’s not much that can stand between me and some powerful planes. I ran over there and was teased by the planes for a while before running over to S’bucks for caffeine with Isabee. I left there in time to rush home, take a 3 minutes shower, and drive out to the middle of nowhere to play Irish jigs at a wedding. We stayed there all the way through dinner and fireworks. Yes, fireworks. Doesn’t everyone have fireworks at their wedding? They should 🙂 Following the nuptial festivities, my Chinese brother and I met up with some other friends and ventured into the exciting city of Atlanta. We saw a really great band and generally had a fabulous time. Sunday it was back to S’bucks for another dose of caffeine, and then off to church. After church we moseyed on back to ma and pa’s house for some home cooking. We tormented J and Elisa with our ridiculous family ways. I think this is enough to make anyone tired.

This morning it was back to work at 6:50am. The morning was uneventful. The passengers were annoying. My other flight attendant is cool. I ran about 4 miles this afternoon. My legs hurt a little. I don’t have much else to say. I’m tired. I’m bored. I’m distracted by Family Guy. I have to get up at 3:45 in the morning so I’m going to bed.

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