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Your friendly question-answering flight attendant

September 16, 2008

I’m sitting here in the flight attendant lounge at the airport, in my cute, non-uniform outfit, admiring the big bandaid on my leg. You’d think after doing something for 14 years or so you’d get it right, but I still managed to take a huge chunk out of my knee this morning when I was shaving. It reminded me of the time I cut my leg when we were living with the Davis’. Angela and I had gotten in a fight about the remote to her stereo (we were 13) and I got back from the shower with blood running down to my ankle. She was so mad at me she wouldn’t even look at me or talk to me even though I was practically bleeding to death. I still have a scar from that. I think this one is going to leave a mark as well.

I’ve been sitting at the airport for the last two days answering questions about our new bidding system. The problem is, there are too many of us to answer questions and too few questions being asked. I’ve been pretty amused by the flight attendants in here, but sometimes it gets a little crazy. Right now it’s just boring.

This is employee appreciation month so we had Chickfila and chips for lunch and supper. This morning, already knowing about the free sandwhiches, I stupidly bought a chicken biscuit. I’m all chickened out now. The other excitement today is this new thing on our company website where you “spin the wheel” and get points. I won 100 on my first spin, which is quite amazing. To get some perspective, I can get a cd player or 4-$10 Starbucks gift cards. I have to come back and do the same thing tomorrow but I’ll be in the lounge on Concourse D, otherwise known as the badabing lounge.

This is so exciting. I’m sure you’ll all be waiting at the edge of your seat to hear about tomorrow’s craziness.

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  1. September 18, 2008 01:42

    Chicks really dig the scars. You should show them off.

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