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San Francisco days, San Francisco nights

September 6, 2008

I saw Chris Isaak in concert last night. It was all that I’d hoped and dreamed it would be – and then some.

To start things off, the tickets were free (instead of $57 each). Tanya, Jonathan, and I got there first (Charity was still on her way and we were hoping Joe would get released from the airport in time to get there) and were waiting for the opener to come on. The lady who runs the show found me, gave two VIP passes to Tanya and me, and told us to hurry and go backstage. I was all flustered and didn’t even grab my phone to take a picture. We had to wait in line and as I waited I got really nervous. I wasn’t prepared to meet him and didn’t know what I was supposed to do or say. Tanya was asking me for names of songs in case she got put on the spot. It ended up not being awkward at all. We walked in, shook hands and introduced ourselves. He was standing there with his drummer and thankfully the lady I know who works there had her camera and took a picture for us. He was wearing a red suit with gold sequins in kind of a flame design on it. Not flashy at all. 😛 He’s still a good looking man, though I was kind of thrown off by the stage makeup.

From the time the concert started I could see the band was a bunch of guys who like to have a good time playing. Chris (or should I call him Mr. Isaak) has a great sense of humor. He told the lead guitar to play something pretty, and once he started playing he was like I mean something pretty that I know. His nephew was there and he walked up the amphitheater (right past us) to where he was and sat and talked to him. He told him that since he has no kids the nephew will get everything when he dies. He also joked about when the band started playing together 20 years ago and he only had one sequin on his suit. But he said he learned to stand in a way that made is shine the most. The music was great and thrilled my heart. I couldn’t believe how excited I got hearing Wicked Games, Forever Blue, and Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing. For the encore his outfit got even better. It was a suit made entirely of little square mirrors. I tried to take a picture but it was just a huge glare.

I have to work the concert tonight and I’m really interested to see if all his funniness is the same every night. I’ve seen a lot of performers who do things that seem impromptu, but then they do it again exactly the same way the next time. I’ll let you know if he’s really that funny or if he has a script for it all.

I’m still a little bit giddy about last night. I heart Chris Isaak :-D.

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