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hot pink blog typers

September 3, 2008

Sometimes I log in to my bank account and check it with the hope that by some miracle there will be a lot more money in there than last time I checked. Silly, I know.

There have been a lot of days since I blogged last. I’ve been very uninspired. Yesterday I was too busy painting my fingernails hot pink to write anything.

The most amusing thing that happened lately was going up to the Marriot Marquis Friday night and watching all the people there for Dragon Con. Our original plan was to just meet there, hang out for a little while, and then go to dinner. We quickly decided that leaving was a bad idea, and ended up staying there most of the evening. We saw everyone from the gingerbread man to GI Joe. There were characters from every major sci fi movie. Obi Wan taught me how to twirl a light saber. We stood out just by being normal. It was awesome. I would recommend a visit to the Dragon Con area next year.

This week I’ve had training for a new bidding system we’re going to be using. It’s awesome because they dropped almost my whole trip, and all I have to do is go to a class two days. Yesterday’s class lasted about an hour and a half. I kept thinking the whole time how much better it was than being stuck on a plane all day.

Jamie came in town yesterday so we made a journey out to the TanJoe residence for dinner and hanging out. I cooked dinner for the third time in four days. I really enjoy it. I made Molly’s black bean and corn salad. It doesn’t sound spectacular, but it is addictive. I could eat it every day. In fact, I think I’ll make some more today. It’s amazing.

I’m making myself hungry. I’m going to wake Jamie up and find something to eat.

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