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Smelly McEarwaxson

August 29, 2008

Today is my off day. It feels great. It’s Friday, I’m in love. Well I’m not in love, but that’s what The Cure seems to think. I’m sitting at my desk that is a plastic file box, in my desk that chair that is the floor, thinking what I shall do today. Mara is keeping me company on davefm, and the sun is shining in the window. I can’t believe it finally stopped raining. It was kind of nice, since we need the rain, but I was having to work in most of it which sucks.

Yesterday was the only day this week where work was normal. I was supposed to do three daylines this week – each dayline consisting of two round trips. On Tuesday the FAA’s computers decided to go haywire and we ended up just going to Gulfport and back and then sitting at the airport for 6 hous before going home. Wednesday we did a Manchester, NH turn and when we got back they told us a different crew was doing our next round trip. Still not sure why, but we don’t ask questions when they’re telling us to go home. Yesterday we did a Pensacola round trip, then sat for 3 hours and flew to Portland, ME and back.

I flew with a flight attendant who has been here 3 months, but somehow seems to have infinite wisdom when it comes to being a flight attendant. She didn’t understand why I would make a whole pot of coffee for one person. She didn’t want to serve until we’d been in the air for an hour because then people would ask for more. I’m not sure if she understands that is her job. Except for emergency situations, that is ALL we are being paid to do. It was mildly, I mean wildly annoying.

I had a man sitting within inches of me who had so much hair and earwax in his ear I thought I was going to be physically sick. I thought I should mention it to him so he could clean it out, you know as a woman and not a flight attendant, but never did. Another one of our flights we played spot the smelly person. It becomes almost a game when you walk through the cabin and get a strong wiff of stinkage and then you try to figure out who it is. I thought I knew who it was and when we were deplaning it was confirmed. The seat he was sitting in still smelled when we went back through. How can people like that not smell themselves??

I slept until 11:30 today cause evidently I was le tired. Now I have stuff to do. At least my room is still nice and tidy. I could still improve it, but it’ll do for now. I’m off to enjoy my one day off

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  1. September 2, 2008 02:37

    Hey, I was the stinky guy and i don’t appreciate your holier than thou attitude. I’m just european, you can’t hold that against me!

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