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a "what I had for lunch" blog plus some incomplete thoughts

August 26, 2008

I’ve only flown one leg since last Monday and I’m spoiled. I go back to work tomorrow and am making an effort to remember how I really like my job sometimes. I’ll probably be glad once I get there. I should like it simply for the fact that I only have to work three days this week.

Today was a really productive day. I made significant improvements in my room. I can see all of the carpet and my clothes are in order. I think I’ll put some art work on the wall so when I sit here in bed I’ll have something to look at other than a blank wall. I slept a little late so I didn’t do everything I wanted today, but I got enough done so I can feel good about coming back home tomorrow. I didn’t run, but it was raining almost the whole day.

I had an impromptu lunch with J and Joe this afternoon which was a nice break from my room. We were reminiscing about the olden days of Peachtree Landing. We had some good times there with our apartment family. Now we’re all scattered and married and promoted. We still have fun. It just takes more planning.

After lunch I went to Target and bought super glue so my watch would stop falling off my wrist. Contrary to what that sounds like, I did not glue it to my skin or glue it closed. It has two clasps and the one I’ve been using for three years is loose. The other is fine. I glued the loose one closed and will use the good one. It’s basically too much trouble to return it. I also bought a pegrack to hang by my door so I’m not always losing my purse and keys. We’ll see if it helps.

Tonight was small group. We talked about the first two chapters in Judges. It’s pretty interesting, though I feel like I need to do a little more homework about the customs and culture of that time period. Some of the stuff might make a little more sense then. I’m beginning to believe that one of the basic qualities of being human is going through cycles. The book of Judges is all about cycles. The Israelites would fall away from God. Bad things would happen to them. They would cry out to God. He would save them. They would get comfortable. Then they would fall away from God again. I feel like my life is a lot like this. Not just with my relationship with God, but with everything. Something becomes uncomfortable. It might be my waistline, my finances, or my relationships. I make an effort, work really hard to improve things, and they improve. Then I get comfortable again and before I know it things slide back to the way they were. This isn’t always the case. Some things do change permanantly, or at least improve over time, but I feel like this is so basic to human nature. I have a lot more thoughts about this but I’m still working on them.

I have to leave for work in 8 hours so I’m going to sleep now.

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