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Sunday evening blog addendum

August 25, 2008

After Peter commented on the fact that he is now the age that I was when Kat and Carson met it made me start remembering. They met back when I had hair almost to my waist. I still weighed 107 on a fat day. I’d never had a boyfriend. I hadn’t met W. I didn’t wear pants. I’d never been kissed (I’m still waiting til the alter). I’d never owned a car. I still had all my wisdom teeth. I’d never had a crazy roommate – or 15. I don’t think I even had a cell phone. My, my, my…. Times have changed.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how we spend so much energy worrying about when we want things to happen. I used to debate whether it was better to have children earlier in life or later. Whether it was better to marry early or late. We agonize over potential decisions we’ll make, scenarios we imagine we’ll come across, all the time forgetting how few things we really have control over in our lives. The other day Kathryn and I were talking about how she was so ready to give birth.. but then she realized how much more hectic things would be once she gave birth. Like we actually have any say in the matter. (I’m not picking on her. Just the example the re-triggered this line of thought.) But I guess we like to pretend we do. Maybe it makes us feel important?

Tonight I ended up hanging out with Matt and Molly, eating ice cream, watching tv, and discussing the statistics in this book about people’s marital happiness versus their childrens’ ages. It was interesting. I have to go running tomorrow. Oh, and finish cleaning my room.

I’d never been outside of the US either.

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