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I’m wasting sleep time trying to think of a title

August 15, 2008

If I type fast I’ll still be able to make my goal of being in bed by 8. What has my life come to… I’ve had to get up around 4 the last 3 mornings and I’m tired of it. It’s sad when you think – if only I could sleep til 5:30.

I’m in Syracuse. I was in Portland this morning. It’s nice because it is not hot as Hades here. I went running yesterday and ended up walking most of the way. I don’t know what the problem was. Today I managed to run the whole thirty minutes, but had to keep concentrating on how much I liked having muscles in my thighs to counteract the “I hate running” thoughts. I had two cups of instant mashed potatoes for supper tonight. They were good, but I would’ve rather had a steak, asparagus, brocoli, squash… Real food basically.

The other day a man got on one of my flights. I recognized him and assuming he was one of our pilots I made some comment to him along the lines of what are you up to? Then the more I looked at him, the more I figured he wasn’t a pilot (I think he was too old). I had to figure out how I knew him so I asked his name and it turns out he was my boss’s boss when I worked for the contractor. I then remembered that I hadn’t really liked him when I worked for him so I slapped him… Not really. When I was in Europe I accidently sent an email to him that was meant for a friend of mine. I hope he didn’t remember that. He’s kind of old so I’m sure he forgot :-P. Small world isn’t it?

Today I had a little girl on the flight back from Portland. She was asleep with the top of her head against the back of the seat so her neck was sticking out at an odd angle. Her eyelids were about half open and her eyes were darting back and forth. I couldn’t stop laughing – partially cause she looked funny and partially cause it made me remember when Joy was little and used to sleep with her eyes open.

I have more to write but I have too much to do before bed. I’ll be home in about 19 hours. Yay.

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