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August 5, 2008

I can’t believe it’s my Sunday already. I have to go back to work tomorrow and am not a fan. It’s been really good to have some time off. I wish I could say my room reflected that I’ve had free time to do things, but it still looks the same. Maybe in a little while I’ll do something about that.

I had a very musical weekend. Friday and Saturday I worked at the amphitheater. Rick Springfield was the performer. I’m still amused by the energy that people put into adoring him. He’s old. He’s a soap opera star. He isn’t that good of a musician. On Sat I worked with a lady who works at the sponsoring hotel. She said that all weekend there have been women just waiting in the lobby to get a glimpse of him. Seriously people – he’s not that great. He does have big biceps, but from where I was that was the only outstanding thing about him. He’s very dramatic. People would give him bouquets of flowers and he would strum his guitar with them sending clouds of petals flying everywhere. Then he’d throw the used up stems back to the crowd. He came out onto the floor where they had tables set up and stood on a table and performed. At one point he took someone’s phone from them and started calling people. I don’t know if he’s assuming that they’re going to be like “OMG Rick Springfield used my phone!” and then have it dipped in gold or framed or something. It was altogether very amusing.

Sunday morning we sent mother dearest off to Joy and she made it without too much pain. She was waiting in a long line in Boston to check in for the Cape Air flight when some really rude man came barging to the front of the line. He was stepping over old ladies’ things and generally thinking he was the bees knees. A few minutes later they called his name for the flight. It was John Kerry. Hmmm… Father dearest and I enjoyed food she left for us – stuffed squash, green beans, rice, chicken and oatmeal cookies. Such good food. My mama doesn’t just make green beans. They’re amazing. She puts garlic in them and who knows what else. But they’re awesome. Michal made the varsity volleyball team (Good job Michal! :-D) at her new school and is on a beach trip with them so we missed her at lunch.

Sunday evening I picked Jamie up at the airport and we made a little last minute journey to see Journey with Amie and Ryan. I then realized that I should’ve brushed up on my 80s music because I’d barely heard of Heart, much less knew any of their songs. We watched in amusement as hundreds of 30 and 40 something year old women got their groove on to Heart. I will admit, it was pretty good. Journey came on and I heard all the songs I knew, plus a bunch from their new album which I didn’t care about at all. Their current lead singer is a small, young Asian guy with long straight hair and tight red pants. He didn’t seem to fit in with the band at all, but he sounded just like the original singer so I guess that’s what matters. There were good times had by all.

Later, we met up with J at Waffle House, who had just returned from his two week jaunt on the west coast. It’s been a while since I visited the WH but it was just as wonderful as I remembered.

Monday I took Jamie to the airport to go back home and took my car by the shop to find out why my new brakes are making such strange noises. They can’t seem to figure it out, which doesn’t really make me happy, but he said they won’t fail or anything. I spent the rest of the day down in Ptc helping a friend of ours caulk and paint their house.

I’m going to eat some cottage cheese and fresh peaches and think about getting stuff done today.

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