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Oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’, oh my daaarlin’ Clementine

July 22, 2008

Except Clementine’s in my stomach. I’m on my fourth one today. They’re practically my favorite orange. The facts that they’re easily peelable, the size of a golf ball, and ever so tasty make me want to eat them all the time. And also the fact that I bought a whole bag of them on Sunday and am realizing if I don’t eat them all they’ll go bad. I’ve also eaten almost a whole box of strawberries and a plum today. I seriously overestimated my fruit consumption, but am determined not to let it go to waste.

I’m in Rochester, NY and it is just as exciting as I hoped and dreamed it would be. We got here an hour late because of weather in Atlanta and had 4 babies on the plane, of which no less than 3 were screaming at any given time. Add that to the fact that my fellow flight attendant’s fuse was getting a little low and you can imagine how much fun my last 3 hours have been. A man asked me if we had any antihistamines or nasal spray cause the lady next to him had a cold. I told him all we have is pain killers. Then he asked the other flight attendant who gave the same response. Then the man persisted in asking if either of us had any personally. I suppose if I had had some tylenol cold I would’ve shared it, but nasal spray? I think not. I should’ve lent her my tissue that I just blew my nose in.

I was wondering why I was feeling loopy and why the room seemed bizarre and just remembered I took my last ambian hoping it would send me into a deep and dreamless sleep until the morning. That last sentence took a lot of effort and back spacing. Good night all!

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