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Because I don’t want to pack

July 21, 2008

I don’t want to pack. I have to pack for two separate trips and it’s overwhelming to the point of not doing anything at all. I did just have the brilliant realization that I don’t have to fit it all in my suitcase for the next four days, which helps a little bit, but not enough. I’m doing a four day tomorrow, then going immediately to Maine to go rafting, and then hopefully after that going to Martha’s Vineyard to say hello to Joy.

Today I did a dayline. I had some really stupid people on my flights. I had a lady get on and ask me where 12A was. I said “It’s row 12”, and I pointed to the number over row 1. She then proceeded to go through the cabin and stop and look at each row number as she went past. I don’t know if she thought we were going to sneak 12 in after 6 or mix the numbers up for kicks or what. Then another lady got on. I was already unimpressed by the vast amount of fast food that her family was dragging on board with them, so when she said “Is row 10 in the front?” I couldn’t even dignify it with a response. Once again, we in the civilized world number things for a reason. And in our civilized world counting typically begins at 1 and proceeds upwards IN ORDER. When I went through the cabin I got to her and she was holding her seatbelt and repeating over and over that she didn’t know how to work it. Once again, for all of you people who laugh when we do the demos, some people can’t seem to figure it out. They check their brains in their bags. They were also smelly people. Not the “I don’t wear deoderant” kind of smelly. Just the “I don’t shower or wash my hair regularly”. Can you tell I had an amazing day? I had four different sets of smelly people today. One was plain old BO smelly, one group of 4 was curry smelly, and the other two were the generally unwashed kind. It’s very sad to me to see/smell that.

I did have some friendly people, but my first round trip was to Nashville and very short so I really only had half the customer interraction. I had a man start talking to me while I was serving. He said he liked my name and had wanted to name is daughter Grace or Constance(????) but his wife vetoed it. Then he asked me when my birthday was. He said his wife is in to birthdays and star signs. He said he could usually guess when people’s birthdays were, but evidently he still didn’t peg me as an Aquarius. He also told me that guys that were born in late September were good matches for me. Funny that I know several born then and am not a good match with any. I told him he was out of his mind and his wife should stop wasting her time on that crap… Not really 😛 Then there was the creepy starer in 1D. One of the first lessons in Man School needs to be that looking is flattering but staring is just gross and creepy.

I started reading the first Harry Potter today. I figure 10 years later (or whatever it is) I should get with the times. So far so good.

Currently reading : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book 1) By J.K. Rowling

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