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the start of a new week

July 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the beginning of another week of flying. Unlike my easy three day week last week, I’ll actually be flying 5 days this one. Imagine that – working every day of the week! Sometimes I envy people who go home to their own beds every night and have nice normal lives. Sometimes I pity people who sleep in their own beds every night and have nice normal lives.

This weekend was way too short. It was nice being off during the day on Friday, which isn’t my norm, but I worked at the amphitheater for some play that night, and did a dinner catering last night. The catering was ridiculous. It was for some lady’s 60th birthday party and her daughter, who had organized it, was sooo demanding. I almost snapped when she started telling me how to serve sodas… If there’s anything I know something about, it’s serving sodas (unfortunately).

My brakes have decided to leave me. I’ve been meaning to get them fixed for a long time, but it’s hard to negotiate leaving my car somewhere for long enough to get them fixed. I’m taking it in while I’m away on Tuesday, but all weekend I had to get chauffered around. It was kind of nice cause I don’t like driving sometimes and cause then I got to spend time with whoever was driving me around. J did the honors yesterday and took me to my haircut. Then we went to Jersey’s pool for the afternoon. Today the parents did the honors and we went to check out a potential house. We aren’t sure about how much work the house would need, but I’d almost get it for the land around it. It reminds me of our Roscoe Rd house (property-wise) which was the most beautiful area we’ve lived in. Who knows if anything will come of it, but it’s interesting.

Tonight I did laundry, made my room walkable, and watched True Life about these two girls who are compulsive shoppers. It made me feel much better about my money problems. Nothing like looking at people whose lives are disasters to feel better about yourself. That’s all for now. I’m going to try to rise and shine and get stuff done before work in the morning.

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