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if only work was always like this

July 17, 2008

I love doing three day trips. It was crazy and wonderful to realize yesterday, on day two, that today was the last day of the trip.

We just got back from Nassau. It was a nice overnight and instead of avoiding it like I’ve done before, I think I’ll try to go back. I usually don’t do international overnights if they’re less than 14 hours or so (Nassau is 11), but since the airport is small and customs is a joke I think I can deal with it. The hotel is actually a Wyndham Resort and is really nice. My crew and I sat on beach chairs on the beach last night for an hour or so and just enjoyed being near sand and water. I’d love to see more of the area. The water was beautiful and we came in as the sun was going down which made it to die for :-P. I love the blackness of the people and how everyone is so relaxed and friendly.

The night before we were in Key West where the people aren’t as much black as they are ridiculously tan. The locals all seem to have their brains fried, and you can see every imaginable (and some you’d rather not imagine) type of person. Three of us went out and about and had a jolly good time. For once, it was below 1000 degrees and the humidity was only 97% instead of the usual 125% person. I am evidently a beast because I sweat so much (thank you, Captain).

My prime disappointment with this trip has been that at both hotels, which are known for their king beds, I got full or queen. I know this may seem silly, but I love those beds so much. I feel towards king sized beds like I feel toward showers – a kind of unusual degree of love and enjoyment :-P. There’s just something fabulous about knowing I can lie in any direction and still be completely on the bed. Oh well… Maybe next time.

If anything else amusing has happened in the last few days, I don’t really remember. I have another 2.5 hours to entertain myself before I do one more round trip to Burlington, VT – then home!

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