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On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed.

July 14, 2008

The advertisement at the top of my myspace page just now said “Music lessons= happiness”. It made me laugh. Let me tell you, when I took music lessons they brought me more stress and tears than very many other things.

Tomorrow is my Monday. The thing that makes me happy though is that my trip this week is only 3 days. It also makes me happy that I’ll be in Key West tomorrow night and Nassau Wednesday night. I don’t know what it is but three day trips seem so much shorter than four days. I almost feel like I don’t need to pack anything (but I am anyway).

Today was a fun day off. I got to have lunch with J before he went to work. It’s hard to beat Chick-fil-a and a good looking man. But then I hung out with Michal and Mama the rest of the afternoon. I also went to the library and checked out the first Harry Potter book. I haven’t read any of them and feel so behind the times. Michal had her second lesson learning to drive a manual car. She is doing quite well, though sometimes it makes me laugh a little to realize I’m teaching my baby sister to drive. She is already driving an automatic around which is strange enough. Then we did some shopping which just wore me out. I ran over a snake on the way home, thinking it was a piece of tire, and it made me feel bad and gross.

There has been lots of other stuff going on but I haven’t felt like writing. I’m trying to do a better job of keeping up with my friends and family. I realized the other day how little I know about most of my friend’s (and some of my family’s) lives right now and it really bothers me.

I ran yesterday and intend to do so at least several more times this week. I also talked to my bosses today about some money issues and got more that I thought might be owed me so is another thing going well. It seems like life is a constant struggle for balance. If you are doing well work and money-wise, it seems you neglect relationships. It’s hard to do all the good things you want all at the same time. I focus on eating well and exercising for a while, and then I fall completely off the wagon. I am good about calling people and writing and then I get distracted for months. I wonder why we’re that way? Now I’m going to focus on getting a good night’s sleep so I can be refreshed when I get to Key West tomorrow.

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