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Back in the saddle

July 1, 2008

I’m back at work after six wonderful days off. I’m still exhausted and am looking forward to the wonderful hotel room in Key West this evening. I got home from Buenos Aires about 5:30 Sunday morning. I went home and went to sleep and was so tired and asleep that even in my dreams I was tired and couldn’t move. I got up and had lunch with the parents but was feeling pretty lousy. I was coughing and my whole body hurt. Not sure how much of the aching was due to spending 10 hours on a plane. That night I had my usual fever breaking dreams and woke up with wet sheets from all the sweat – so I’m assuming whatever I had went away then. I’m still kind of achy, but not nearly as bad.

Yesterday I hung out at the pool with J. The weather lately has been amazing and almost makes you forget how brutal Atlanta can be. After that we went running, shopping and cooked supper. It was a really nice evening and we got to sit on his balcony and watch the reflection of the sunset off the buildings in Buckhead. Such a beautiful night.

When I travel I have the problem of not writing during the trip, and when I get home it’s so much to write about that I never do. I did that with Puerto Vallarta, but don’t want it to happen this time, so I’ll try to write about it in bits and pieces.

My first impression of Buenos Aires was from the back of a taxi. I feared that I would die before we ever reached the city. Roya and I arrived in Buenos Aires around 7:30am. We’d had a nice flight (both in Business) and were ready to take on the world. Her friend, Alfredo, met us at the airport and we got in the cab to go to the hotel. Because of the traffic it made a 30 minute ride almost twice that long. I spent a lot of the trip looking down or anywhere except at what was in front of us. In Argentina there is total disregard for the lines on the road. Everyone is weaving back and forth. If you pull up at a light where there are three lanes, but there’s room to squeeze in between two of the cars, they’ll make four lanes. The driver would come up behind and between semis like they wouldn’t squish us completely flat if we got in their way. Roya tried to video it but it was so stop and go and unpredictable that it was difficult. I’m glad to say that we survived, but I think that it was the most scared I’ve ever been in a car in my life.

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