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Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did

June 12, 2008

I don’t know any songs about Providence. But I am lying in bed, evidently just like Brian Wilson did – though I’m not sure if he was lying in bed with his laptop.

Yesterday was a day that makes you glad you work for an airline, and makes you hate working for an airline. I spent the first part of the day lounging in Albany, NY. I ran, which made me feel good, but wasn’t easy since it’s been about a week. The weather in Georgia has been ridiculous for being outdoors. It was cooler in NY but not as much cooler as I would’ve liked. The change of scenery is nice though. We got back to Atlanta around 7 and were supposed to have a 2.5 hour break. Our plane was late and there was terrible weather surrounding the airport, so long story short, we left the gate about 1:15 late, then took off about 2 hours later. We were in good company though with about 30 other planes hanging out on the runways trying to leave as well. We finally made it to Providence at 2:30am. Hotel around 3:15am.

I’ve been realizing more and more lately what a role we flight attendants have in making passengers happy or miserable. I knew this before, but after flying with angry people two weeks in a row and now happy people two weeks in a row, it’s reinforced. The last few days I’ve flown with a lady with a crazy deep Texas accent and a British guy. Both have an amazing sense of humor and people always leave the planes happy – even if it’s 2:30am. We actually had a fun time on the flight. My crew is great and it makes all the difference in the world. I also seem to be sending off some kind of vibe cause all the old men are really loving me lately :-P.

Last night on my flight I had a lady that I’ve known since I was born but probably haven’t seen in 15 years (Marianne Dias). She was on her way up to visit her daughter, Jenny, who gave me my first short haircut when I was little. I didn’t recognize her (I’m not normally on the lookout for long lost friends at 11pm), but she gave me a note cause she wasn’t sure it was me. I also met a girl yesterday who is on her way down to Rio for the summer. She said she was planning on going to Buenos Aires at some point so I told her when I’d be there and she might meet us there. These are two examples of why my job is great.

I’ll be in Providence until tomorrow morning. I have recurrent next week and have some homework to do before then so that’s probably what I’ll be doing. And watching the food network. I kinda like these days of forced relaxation.

PS. Since I didn’t blog yesterday on the day of, I will wish my wonderful older sister Christine a happy birthday month.

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