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Something good this way comes

May 29, 2008

I’m sitting here in the lounge in ATL, eating my high sodium, non-refrigerated, microwave meal (don’t be jealous) wishing I was going home instead of going to DC. We don’t even get to spend a decent amount of time there. We just finished our third leg of the day. I’ve been very cheerful these last few days (trying to compensate for my other FA who is a bit testy at times), but it’s running out. I’ve gotten some good swaps for next month and I’m quite pleased about that. I hate that I missed most of Joy’s time in town, and am afraid I’ll miss Peter’s as well. Joy headed off to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer today.

I ran this morning, which was a good way to start the day. Syracuse is a far cry from Tallahassee. It was kind of cold when we got there last night but this morning when the Sun was out it was perfect. I ran through some neighborhoods that looked like a combination of New England and the 70s. They all had beautiful little lawns and flowers everywhere. The first street I ran down was Patricia Drive :-D. I even saw a few fighter planes taking off while I was running.

I’m off to find my plane and head up to DC. Maybe someone amazing will be on my flight (besides me of course :-P).

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