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Madder than mad

May 21, 2008

Today feels like one big freaking train wreck.

It started off with me oversleeping. I set my alarm for 8:45. This would give me time to clean around the house, run, get ready for work, maybe do some laundry, and not be rushed. I think largely because of the Benadryl I took last night for allergies, I absolutely could not wake up until almost 11. I still had 3 hours before I had to leave. Around 12:35, after cleaning my room for a while, I got dressed to go run. I slacked this weekend and have been feeling bad about that. At that point I saw my old work shoes sitting on my bed. This is when I realized my good work shoes, that I left at Jersey’s house a week and a half ago, were still at her house. The old shoes hurt my feet too much to wear another week. So I had to drive all the way into Ptc to get her apartment key. Then I drove 5 minutes back toward me to her apartment, got the shoes, drove 5 minutes the other way to return the key, then drove 15 minutes back home. By now I have just about an hour before I have to leave for work. I haven’t showered or packed. Thankfully I cooked food last night to take with me so that was all ready. Plus I had poppyseed chicken left over from last night to take. Yum… I survived the morning drama and made it to work but without accomplishing anything else at all. Disappointing.

I got to work and had an uneventful flight to Milwaukee. On the way back we ended up holding for about 35 minutes due to severe weather passing through Atlanta. On approach we got to see an amazing lightning display. I don’t think passengers enjoyed it.

The next flight should’ve been pretty simple. It was 36 minutes in flight. You board, take off, cruise for a few minutes, and land. But no… Everyone was mad cause they had had really rough flights into Atlanta. Of course I made the weather so you should be mad at me for it. Then it took us almost twice as long to taxi out as it did to fly down here (and that’s after we cut in line). It was really bumpy so we couldn’t get up the whole way and everyone wanted everything. Oh well… We were less than an hour late, which is good considering how many planes are probably still taxiing in Atlanta. I sat next to a nice lady from Portland, OR who gave me her address and phone number and told me to come visit her.

All’s well that ends well right? Wrong. We finally make it to the hotel after a ridiculously long van ride. My FO brought her boyfriend and she’s sitting on his lap next to me since there isn’t an extra seat. My flight attendant has a bad attitude cause he thinks that everyone is against him cause he’s black. Maybe they are. I’m obviously not very sensitive to that sort of thing. He also assumes cause we’re both flight attendants that I’m going to be on his side when he gripes to me about things…

We finally get to the hotel. I sign all of us in and go to my room at the far end of the hall on the fourth floor. The key doesn’t work. I go downstairs and get two more. They don’t work either. Finally I get another room and it’s on a different floor from my crew and a handicap room. Whatever. I don’t care at this point. By the way, the hotel looks like a nice one, but it doesn’t seem to have air conditioning. Neither did the taxi ride over. Just windows all the way down as we drove 48 mph down the interstate.

I put my stuff in the room and go down to the other end of the hall to get some ice to put my food on since they “ran out” of rooms with a frig or microwave. This also bugs me since we’re going to be here for 2 nights. I don’t want to have to buy all my food. I get to the ice machine and there isn’t any ice in it. Arg. So I go back up to the floor I was .. down to the end of that hall and finally get some ice. I was going to take the trash can and just fill it with ice, but there was trash in it. Isn’t that a pretty obvious thing to clean when you clean a room? I finally get some ice and open my lunch bag to get my food out. This is when I realize I LEFT MY FOOD ON THE PLANE. I’m sooo mad. My poppy seed chicken. My jambalaya. My sugar snap peas that I purposely only ate a few of them so I could have them for the rest of the trip. And I’m sure the cleaning crew tonight will throw it all away. I’m heartbroken. So now I have a big bag of ice for a Diet Coke. It better be ice cold when I drink it tomorrow.

After that I come sit at the desk to write a blog about how mad I am. (At least the internet works.) I sit down in the chair and put my foot up again my leg and realize there’s gross sticky stuff all over my heel and now on the inside of my pajama pants. The look and smell makes me think the inside of a fig newton (I guess that would be a fig). How the crap did I get fig on my heel? I’m so over this place and I’ve only been here an hour.

On top of all this, allergies have been killing me. I’ve been rubbing my eyes until they’re sore, and then I rub them more. When I rub them my contacts get lost in the far regions of my eyeballs. Then I find them and they fall out and all my make up is gone. My throat itches. My ears itch. My nose itches. I’d pick my nose in public if it would help.

Hopefully tomorrow is better. Hopefully the sun will come out and I can go to the pool or something. I’m finished with my rant.

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