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let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height.

May 12, 2008

It seems like these weekends are gone before they start. Here it is, another Monday. Another week of work about to start. I am fortunate that my work week doesn’t start until tomorrow, but mine ended on Saturday, so I guess we’re even.

I catered a wedding Saturday night. We thought we were going to get blown away by the tornados that were coming through. Then we thought we were going to get washed away by the rain. But everyone survived. It poured until about 10 minutes before the wedding started and only sprinkled a little after that. (It was outdoors and the reception was under a tent.) Nearly every wedding I attend confirms my desire to either not have a wedding or to have a highly unusual wedding. I hate all the frou-frouness. I hate the exorbitant amount of money spent on a day that usually becomes more stress than fun. I’ve also decided that cutting the cake is the most pointless tradition. I hate cutting cake on my birthday, so if I ever get married, I’m not cutting the cake. Someone else can do it…. When we got there, they asked us if we could put all the sodas and waters in a fishing boat that was propped up on sawhorses. They should’ve gotten the groom’s cake from the first wedding we catered. It had a guy in a fishing boat on top of it.

I just got back from my first run of week 5. I was a little nervous since it was 3 5-minute runs and I struggled on the 5-minute runs last week, but it went pretty well. I’m fortunate because the weather that came through this weekend brought a nice cool breeze so I wasn’t suffering from anything besides running. I love this time of year. The sky is that beautiful bright blue, and everywhere I go I can smell honeysuckles and other wild flowers growing. It’s amazing that God made plants that smell that good just grow wild for our smelling pleasure.

I feel like I have a lot to do today. It’s my last day of freedom and I need to squeeze as much as possible in it. But now it’s already 1pm and I haven’t really done anything.

I got to see more of my family this weekend than I have in a long time. My mama got back from visiting Joy in Spain and Israel was in town at the end of a business trip. On Saturday night after I catered we (Jamie, Jersey, Adam, Israel, and me) decided we wanted to do something. Anything. Since I’m sick of the options down here in PTC and it was kind of late to go up to Atlanta we decided to go to what used to be B52s by the airport. It’s a fairly decent place to go grab a bite, hang out, have a drink, watch people. We got there and noticed something was different. For one, there was a huge number of very white, European looking/dressing people there. For two, they weren’t playing any hip hop and three, there were lots of white people dancing. Then they started playing music with unitelligible lyrics. Not unusual except remember, they weren’t playing rap or hip hop. The more unintelligible the words were, the more the white people jumped around and danced. I finally went over to the dj to ask what the name of the song was. He started talking to me but I couldn’t understand anything. Then he asked what language I spoke. English. Asked where I lived. Atlanta. Why? Umm… cause I’m from here. Turns out he, along with about 80% of the other people there and the owner of the place, was Czech, and they were playing Czech music. Oooohhhh… It’s all so clear now. It was really fun though. I felt like I was back in Prague or some other eastern European nation. We had a good, interesting time. I have to say that it was far more than I hoped and dreamed for that night :-).

Yesterday, even though it was mother’s day, my mama wanted to celebrate Israel’s birthday (a month and a half late). I was happy cause what she made was better than what I would’ve thought of, and I’ve been wanting a real, home-cooked meal for a long time. I’ll have to cook for her next week. We spent the day in the yard kicking a soccer ball, throwing a frisbee, and trying to fly a kite (since it was so windy). We never got the kite above our heads. It was kind of difficult when the wind couldn’t decide which way it wanted to go.

I need to go shower and get on with my day. I just re-read this, and it’s pretty disjointed, but I had a lot to say. Sorry. Hope everyone’s Monday is wonderful.

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