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remembering in Toronto

May 9, 2008

On this day four years ago I was riding in a bus from Split, Croatia to Sarajevo, Bosnia. I was with Raechel and we had just gotten back from spending a few days on the idyllic island of Hvar. I was beginning my journey through many foreign places. We rode down the Croatian coast for long while watching the waves crash below. Seeing the patterns the wind made on the water. Enjoying the beauty of it all. As we left the coast and began to make our way inland we started singing all the disney songs we could think of to distract me from the impending motion sickness that had plagued me on every method of transportation for the last week or so. We traveled through beautiful green mountains. I had no idea what to expect when I went to Bosnia and was very surprised by how lush everything was. We stopped at a restaurant perched above a valley and I used my first eastern toilet. It was pink ceramic and I realized it was not intended for women who wear pants. As we went further into Bosnia we began to see evidence of war. Raechel told me the stories behind many of the remains. It was a very interesting day that began in wealthy, beautiful, cosmopolitan, coastal Split, Croatia and ended in a war-scarred, graffitied, but still beautiful in its bowl of mountains Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Today I had no such exciting journeys. I spent another day in Toronto. They put us in a different hotel. It’s really nice. I wouldn’t mind having an apartment like this hotel. I ran again today. It was much better than yesterday. I’m spoiled up here by the cool breeze that is constantly blowing on me. This hotel is also in an area that is much nicer to run in.

I’ve spent most of the day updating a blogspot blog I have. It’s the same as this one, but I just wanted to have a back up should something ever happen to this one. I also want it to be accessible to non-myspacers.

I’m not sure what it is about Canadian men, but within a few hours last night I had three of them give me their contact information. None of them were particularly interesting, but I really respect the fact that they aren’t afraid of making the first move. That is a current peeve I have with most men I come across. Though I’m perfectly capable, I refuse to take the first step. I want a man who is man enough to do that. I may be single forever.

My mama should be back home by now. I’m excited to hear how her trip went. Israel will also be there when I get back tonight. Good times. I’ve been reminded a lot lately how fortunate I am to still have both my parents and all my siblings. I think I take it for granted that people’s parents die when they’re old, but I’ve come across more and more people who have lost theirs early in life. I hope this reminds me not to take the time I have with loved ones for granted.

As fantastic as Canadia is, I’m ready to blow this joint and be home.

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