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Not much happening in Toronto

May 8, 2008

I’m a little bit frustrated. I’m in week 4 of this running thing. In the past weeks the first run of the new week was hard and the rest were significantly easier. This week the first run was really hard. Now I finished the third run of the week, but don’t feel ready to go on to the next week. I still feel like it’s too hard. Maybe I’m a big wuss. This week was 3 and 5 minute intervals. It’s kind of embarrassing to tell runners that it’s hard for me to run for 5 minutes straight, but it is. It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t run every other day like I should be. Maybe cause I’m giving myself too much space in between. I’ll do better. Running in Toronto isn’t as inspiring as Wilmington either. The temperature is nice, but I’m running through a very industrial area. Sometimes there aren’t sidewalks and it smells bad. I’m quite the complainer.

Today I slept longer than I have in months and months. I don’t normally like sleep past 10:30 or so. I just feel like I’m wasting my day. Today I slept until 1:20. I can’t even remember most of the dreams I dreamed. The last one I had before I woke up involved a tall military guy who was wearing short shorts and first appeared to have no arms but was pretending. I was working at some bar type place. I think Michal was there. It was kind of strange and confusing. And oddly humorous. I wish I could remember the others.

Yesterday was the long day of our trip. We had a lot of sitting around time which makes the day go by really slowly. We did a Pittsburg round trip during the afternoon and came to Toronto for the night. I’ve just discovered that an old college friend, Neil, lives about 30 minutes from here and works right around the corner. I need to find a way of keeping up with where I know people. I hate spending a long time somewhere, bored out of my mind, and finding out the next day or week that I knew someone there.

It’s time to head back to Atlanta and then turn around and come back. I wish I could just leave all my stuff in the hotel. My bags are really heavy this trip for some reason. Knowing my luck though, if I left it here we’d get our flight canceled or something.

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