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I hate the way my teeth feel when I wake up

May 7, 2008

I’ve been trying to avoid the “this is what I had for lunch” kind of blogs and evidently other than what I eat, my life isn’t very interesting lately. Come to think of it, I haven’t really been eating anything interesting lately. How sad.

I’m in Melbourne, FL. It would be great except I have to leave in an hour. Our hotel very nice and is right on the beach so I can hear the waves right now. I can also hear the loud roar of the ac equipment right outside my room and it’s interfering with my wave noise. There’s a funny sign on the desk in here. It says “If smoking occurs during your stay…” It makes me a little curious to know how smoking can occur. I thought you had to intentionally make something like that happen?

Today we fly back to Atlanta, wait around a couple hours, do a round trip to Pittsburg, wait around a few more hours, and go to Toronto for a long time. I’d much rather we spend a long time here, but I guess that would be too much fun. It’s hard to be at work when the weather is so beautiful and I’m missing out on it. But when the weather is bad it makes working more difficult.

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