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hi ho, hi ho

May 4, 2008

It’s Sunday again. I can’t necessarily remember the last Sunday. This week has been very, very full, and very long. I did a nap Friday night. Then I catered yesterday from 3-11. We’re catering the concerts at The Fred in PTC. This weekend is Huey Lewis and the News. I’m about to head back over there for another concert today. I should be cooking some food since my cereal probably won’t tide me over for the day, but I have a headache and don’t feel like it. The concert last night was pretty fun. It’s hard work, but it’s sometimes nice to work with people who are having a good time. It’s kind of like doing flights that take people on vacation. They’re always in a good mood and it’s nice to be a little part of their good time. I need to go get ready and find some food. I am not working at all tomorrow and it makes me so happy. I complain about working – who wouldn’t rather be sitting at home or with friends and family – but it doesn’t feel good to know that every time I work I’m getting closer to be debt free. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

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