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pre-nap rant

April 29, 2008

My first gripe is that after I finished work today I had to travel into the dark labrynth that is the bottom of the far end of C Concourse to take a random drug and alcohol test. Good thing I’ve been laying off the crack. I was annoyed cause I was supposed to be on the bus going to my car before noon. I was also annoyed because whoever invented the idea of peeing in a cup for any sort of purpose had to be a man. Maybe I’m retarded, but I think I speak for most women when I say that it isn’t easy for us to pee in cups. They need to think of a new way to do it. I’m not a fan.

My second gripe is the way you can hang on to a piece of paper for months and months, and when you finally need it it’s nowhere to be found. I had an ad for a place where you could get massages for cheap. Some therapy place in PTC. I’ve been keeping it hoping one day I’d have enough money to get one. The last few days I’ve been having pain in my neck from a tight muscle and figured a massage would be a good thing to spend part of my tax refund/rebate money on. Now I can’t find the number anywhere. It doesn’t help that my room is barely walkable. It still makes me mad.

I’m also irked becuase it was in the 50s (if not colder) in Altanta this morning. Wtf? It’s almost May. Let’s get with the program here.

That’s all for now. I’m going to nap before Michal’s soccer game.

PS. Happy birthday Charity :-D!

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