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these dreams we dream

April 22, 2008

This morning I had another weird dream. I was supposed to do a dayline. I was going to deadhead (ride) somewhere, then pick up a plane in Anchorage (cause that’s normal), and fly back. I was waiting for the bus to get a ride into the airport and for some reason I was changing my pants when the first bus pulled up. I was embarrassed at being naked from the waist down and pulled my shirt down to cover myself. I decided I’d finish changing and get on the next bus cause it was right behind that one. Then that one left me. I was supposed to be flying with J that day so I tried to call him so he could duty me in. He wouldn’t answer so I called scheduling. The usual guy, Tom, answers. I told him I was trying to get in touch with my captain, but tried not to let on that I was late. Somehow I’m on the plane after that and it’s a mainline flight. It was weird cause there were only a few people on it, the door to the cockpit was open, and there was only one pilot. I was like that’s weird cause at our airline you have to have two pilots all the time. Then somehow I was home again and Amie was supposed to be in a wedding. She had been waiting for her ride for a long time so I said we should just go there on our own. But we ended up walking a really long way. Then Chris Isaak starting singing “Baby did a bad, bad thing” (my ringtone – he wasn’t at the wedding)and I realized my mother was calling me so I had to wake up.

I just did the second run in week three. My face is doing the half and half thing and I’m really tired. I need to go get ready for work so I don’t have to change my pants in the parkng lot and miss the bus and be late.

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