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Above us only sky

April 19, 2008

It’s Saturday morning. I’m still in bed and it feels fabulous. Today is the first day since Monday that I haven’t gotten up around 4am. If any of you are mad at me cause you called and I didn’t call back, it’s because the majority of my day happened before noon every day. It was ridiculous. By the time I would get to the hotel I was too tired to think, and had to go to sleep around 8 every night to get a decent amount of sleep.

In spite of the ridiculously early mornings I had a really good trip. My crew was really fun, which made work much more pleasant, and it was really nice to have someone you could talk to over supper (even if supper was at 4pm :-P).

My love for cities with rivers in them was confirmed twice this week. Our first overnight was in Fayetteville, NC and all I saw of that place was the inside of my room. The next day we were in Charleston, WV. Our hotel is right along the river. It was one of those really beautiful spring days where you can’t imagine not getting outside. I ran along the river, up by the street so I could see the town on the way out, and down by the river on the way back. There was a nice breeze blowing, daffodils and other wildflowers growing on the riverbank, trees blooming everywhere, and that perfect spring time blue sky. It’s so much easier to run when you have something interesting and beautiful to look at. After that we went and had some of the best Mexican I’ve had in a long time.

The next night we were in Wilmington, NC. If you’ve never been there, I definitely recommend it. They have some of the most beautiful old historic homes I’ve ever seen. Evidently they’re having an airshow this weekend, so when I went out to run I got to watch the river and the town PLUS fighter planes flying around practicing. Talk about combining things I love :-D. Later we went to Fat Tony’s and had their scrumptious pizza and hung out for a long time enjoying the weather and people watching.

I finally got home from work yesterday about two. I was able to squeeze in a nap (so I didn’t lose it or kill anyone) and then go cater til 10pm last night. The nice thing about that job was that we catered a dinner at the school at the end of my street. They had kids who helped us with all the serving which made it so much easier, and once it was over I was home in about 90 seconds.
Now it’s Saturday and I’m a free woman. I’m going to go make the most of it.

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