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working in a winter wonderland

March 5, 2008

Tonight, as we rode from the airport to the hotel, I tried to pretend I was in a sleigh. You know – sort of “dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh.” The roads were all white. The snow was falling heavily. I could almost hear the sleigh bells. Still wasn’t enough to convince me to give up the heated, enclosed van. I think anyone around me can tell that I’m from a place where snow does not often fall. The roads were either not plowed or not thoroughly plowed and sometimes we had to drive through a big pile of snow. I had to keep from acting all amazed and enthralled with it (even though I was). I’d hate to live in the stuff, but riding around in it one or two nights a week can be interesting. A semi got stuck in the snow and was having to be towed out. That never happens in Georgia.

I was reminded again today that it’s much easier to be an amazingly nice flight attendant when you only do two flights a day. Lots of my passengers said nice things about me. I didn’t want to point out to them that I had only been awake for about 4 hours when we did our first flight at 3 something. When we left Toronto there was another flight to Atlanta next to us that had gotten canceled (due to a dent in the wing – sissies.) Because of this the gate was in a tizzy and was having a hard time getting anything done. After they got all our passengers on there were 5 open seats and they were trying to shift people from the canceled flight. We waited and waited and waited. My captain explained what was going on but there really wasn’t anything we could do about it. A man stopped me and asked if we realized that by helping these people we were causing others to miss their connections in ATL. I said that I did. We were sorry. We wanted to leave but they wouldn’t let us. All true. What can I do? Then he says “Well I know this isn’t entirely your fault…….” Whatever he said after that I just missed. I’m wondering how this is even partially my fault? Then I slapped him and that’s how I lost my job as a flight attendant…

After two of our notoriously cold overnights (Syracuse and Toronto) ended up being warm I was a little confused about the time of the year. Had spring come already? Then we flew to Fort Wayne where it’s snowing like the north pole. I think it’s pretty, but it better not interfere with me going home tomorrow. That’s all I have to say about that.

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