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Pretend like it’s the weekend now, and we could pretend it all the time

March 4, 2008

I’m listening to davefm in Toronto and delaying the inevitable preparation for departure. I’m back at work after barely 48 hours off this weekend. I did cram quite a bit into those hours. Got to see my family, ran errands with my mama, had a date with Amie and Jay and Jamie, applied for jobs at two places, cooked supper for Jamie and Jonathan, and went to church. It was a good few hours off.

Work has been fairly quiet. The passengers have been behaving themselves. I am noticing more and more who says please and thank you. It’s ridiculous how many grown people don’t. Then there are the friendly and amusing passengers. Last night my front seat guy were from Ireland, Cyprus, and Scotland. They were funny and talked to me every chance they got. Makes me want to travel more. Oh wait, everything makes me want to travel more. Israel is in western China right now and wrote a really cool blog from a monastery on the back mountain somewhere. The other day I was made aware of something I never would’ve thought of before. A lady got on the plane in freezing weather wearing flip flops. I learned that it isn’t a good idea to get a tattoo on your foot in the winter.

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