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My addictions

February 28, 2008

They’re getting worse. First it was flica. Now it’s… banana chips. Yes, you read that right. The worst thing possible. And I just. Can’t. Stop.

You should all be pleased that I had a terrible internet connection yesterday. I was going to write this huge rant about how stupid people are. I still think people are stupid, but am a little less steamed up about it. The headache I’ve had for almost 2 days now has kind of put a damper on any strong feelings I could have.

In keeping with the last two month’s trend, our flight this morning was canceled. There’s nothing quite like being woken up at 4:20am by a calling telling you to go back to bed. I’m not sure why it was canceled, but it meant we only did 2 flights today instead of 4. Not bad.

I’ll tell you a few of the most outstandingly annoying things that happened yesterday. One lady told me that she wanted some cranapple – no ice and just a little (held up fingers to show about an inch). I poured her about that much and handed it to her. She looks at it, says it’s too much, and hands it back. Are you kidding me??? I’m thinking, can you not just drink what you want of it and leave the rest?! So I pour about a quarter of an inch off and hand it back. Seriously… A few rows later I get to a couple. The man tells me what he wants, but the lady is sleeping. I ask if he knows if she wants anything. Tomato juice. And the lady, without moving her head (she’s facing away from me sleeping) or opening her eyes says “tomato juice. No ice. No cup. Just the can.” Call me crazy, but I think that’s extremely rude. I can’t stand when people can’t bother to look at me while I’m serving them. It’s not a whole lot to ask. I was trying to be understanding and thought that maybe she was sick or something. Then toward the end of the flight she wakes up and starts laughing and talking loudly. Not sick. Just rude. I’m also sick of people who don’t ask if they can have something or say please. I give them a cookie and they say “one more”. Excuse me? No please. No thankyou. And these are grown adults. There are so many more things that people do to drive me crazy. People are just thoughtless. They think they’re the only ones on the plane and I have nothing better to do than wait on them hand and foot. And I’m the one who’s concerned about getting people bent out of shape…

Today’s people were much nicer and more polite. It would’ve been a great day minus the headache. Now I’m in the Hampton Inn in New Burn, NC. I’ve never been here and never heard of this place.

I’m finished complaining now.

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