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Another day, another dollar fifty.

February 20, 2008

I’m once again being paid $1.50 to enjoy the airport. And this time without the fabulous conversation of my favorite older sister Christine :-D. She’s instructing me on how to make hummus since I love it and it’s not the cheapest thing to buy. I have to find a food processor first though.

My life seems uneventful these days. I started my trip on Monday and in keeping with the trend that’s been going for the last month and a half I had something canceled. Unfortunately it was my 18 hour Key West overnight – the entire reason I got this trip. So they sent us home and added a Cozumel round trip the next morning. At least I made money off that one. Flying down to Cozumel made me want to take a week off, take my backpack, and just go wander around down there on the beach. Last night we were in Baton Rouge for a short night and had dinner with my friend Cooper. We had red beans and rice and boudin balls. I’d never had boudin balls before and they were so good. It seems like the cajun version of hushpuppies, but with rice, bits of meat, and more seasoning. Tonight (after a combined 5.5 hours of airport appr. time) we end up in the oh-so-exotic Maconga. And for those of you with a brain, that’s Macon, GA.

I had a passenger this morning ask me about my job. How long I had been here, how much I made, etc… I told him this wasn’t a job you do for the money. He said he only worked for the money. So he started telling me about his job. He makes $12/hr and is gone 6-8 weeks at a time so his wife can stay at home and he can buy a Harley… I wasn’t impressed. I think if I was doing a job “for the money” I would expect a little more than that. Then on the flip side, another lady told me she doesn’t believe in car payments. After a few questions I found out that what she does believe in is being with a man who makes enough money to pay cash for cars. It’s funny how people have such different ideas and perspectives on money.

A man got on the plane the other day with Samantha tattooed on his neck – with a line through it. I couldn’t help but laugh and ask him about it. He said he’d made it really obvious that he was with her when he put her name on his neck so now he wanted to make it really obvious that he wasn’t with her anymore. It amused me.

I’m going to eat my wasabi peas and wait some more.

PS. The $12/hr guy also says that you can go to a bar and get sloshed and get on your motorcycle and be fine in an hour because of the air in your face. It gets the air in your system which sobers you up evidently… Someone needs to tell the cops that so they can stop worrying about drunk cyclist. Jamie pointed out that with that logic you could get drunk, then drive with your head out the window and be fine in an hour. I didn’t want to burst that guy’s bubble by pointing out that even if this were true, you have to survive that first hour of driving before you sober up.

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