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Rain comes pourin down, fallin from blue skies…

February 13, 2008

After spending so much time lately in places where their precipitation of choice is snow, it’s a little strange to see it raining outside. I’m here in Newport News. I’ve never been here before. I just had to look at a guide book to find out where it is. Last week I spent two nights in Burlington, VT watching the snow fall. It was really beautiful and peaceful. After a quick stop in Key West where I chased the sun around the pool I ended up back in the snow.

Saturday morning I flew up to Portland to go snowboarding with Amy, Shane, and Adri. I was really apprehensive about spending one day doing a sport I’ve never done before with people who have done it a lot, but ended up having an awesome time. Four days later I can still feel the pain in my muscles a little, but it’s a wonderful pain. We went for the night session and got to Shawnee Peak around 4:30. After getting bundled up and strapped in to my boots they started trying to teach me. I would have felt a little embarrassed about how much time I spent flat on my back but there were a lot of other people who seemed to be having an equally difficult time remaining upright. The most frustrating thing for me was getting back on my feet. I’m not sure if it’s just cause I’m really out of shape, but there were times when I absolutely could not stand up facing down the mountain. It’s much easier to roll on your stomach and get up that way but if I start going down the mountain backwards I’m much more likely to fall again. Which means I’m going to have to go through the whole process again soon. I did end up going down the mountain quite a few times and the last two times I was actually on my feet for a long time. The conditions were perfect as well. The glittery snowflakes that were falling the whole time were the cherry on top for the awesome time we had.

Monday I made a trip to Chattanooga for yet another hair color. They didn’t cover up the platinum but added a lot of lowlights. I think I like it. I also think I need to get back to a more normal color for a while. Not sure though.

Yesterday I woke up pretty late and I was preparing to start rushing around so I could get ready for my trip. I didn’t have to leave home til one but had a lot to do. Then I noticed there was a voicemail from scheduling. Turns out my first round trip to Cleveland had been canceled and I didn’t have to be at work until 7:26 that night. I love it when that happens. Not that I don’t love working… And not that I want anyone’s flight to be canceled… The weather up there was terrible so we couldn’t have made it anyway.

Now I have another 3 hours here in NN. Not sure what I’m going to do since it’s raining. I’m sure I’ll manage. I feel so content lately it’s almost scary. Joy met a lady who is looking for writers so I wrote and sent her a couple of things. I haven’t heard anything yet but it’s been great for me to be writing more and thinking in that mode.

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