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a little too early. a little too cold. good time to break a plane.

January 30, 2008

I have spent over two years now traveling to northern parts of this country and I am still amazed and confused at why people choose to live here. This morning when we made our way to the airport it was 2 degrees. Thanks to our lovely little windy weather system that came through the windchill was -17. That is officially the coldest I’ve ever been. Even colder than that day my hair froze in Minneapolis (or Minnianapolis depending on who you ask).

Speaking of hair, I’m trying to decide if when it’s time to get my roots covered I want to go back to a more normal color or stay blonde for a while longer. I think because I still have some remaining red from last fall on the ends it makes my hair look yellower than I like. Maybe once that grows out (probably my next hair cut) I’ll like it better?

Oh yeah – we got to the airport for our 6am flight, got all the passengers on, got the plane warmed up, and found out something didn’t work. So I’m still here in Peoria. At least I’m inside where it’s warm. Otherwise I might cry. I even considered wearing my pj pants under my work pants this morning. Unfortunately they’re fleecey and a little thick, otherwise I definitely would’ve.

This just reaffirms my last day of the trip theory…

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